Emily (emilyanna07) wrote in survivoraddicts,

Survivor drinking game?

This game can be played without alcohol...ie milk, soda, etc. Or actual food. Please feel free to add some items!

One sip:
Jeff says, "Survivors ready!"
Jeff says, "The tribe has spoken."
Jeff says, "It's time to vote."
Jeff says, "I'll go tally the votes."
Jeff says, (about a reward), "Worth playing for?" (two sips if everyone agrees)
Jeff says, "Immunity, back up for grabs."
Someone forms a new alliance.
Someone breaks an alliance. (two sips if the alliance forming and breaking occurs within the same show)
We see the immunity idol.

Two sips:
Someone threatens to quit.
The camera shows at least one person eating fish.
There's an animal metaphor associated with a person or a tribe.
Whoever is voted off insists that this was a life changing experience.
Someone kisses the immunity idol.
The challenge involves water.
The challenge involves fire.
We hear that someone backstabbed another.
Someone eats a coconut.
It rains.
There's a reference to someone's head being on the chopping block.

Three sips:
You know who's going to be voted out within ten minutes of the episode.
We see a loved one.
The reward challenge involves food. (ie breakfast in bed)
We hear someone believes in/trusts/etc. another player
At least one member of the jury gives an evil look to the remaining players.
There's a disgusting food eating challenge.
Someone throws a challenge.
Someone's voted out of the game for being too smart.
There's a reference to the jury.

Whole glass if:
Every single survivor seems able to survive on their own.
Someone can start a fire using one or more sticks. (no flint)
More than one survivor gets voted out (different tribes don't count)
A voted out tribe member pleads for a revote.
The jury votes 7-0 for someone
An all female alliance lasts (four females make it to the final four)
At the final three, the player with immunity says who they're voting out instead of writing it down.

Any others?
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