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I posted about a week (?) ago asking which Survivor seasons were available on DVD. (Thanks so much for your help to everyone who responded!)

I have some more questions, some factual, some opinion based, that I'd really love to know the answers to.

Please keep in mind that the first time I saw Survivor was this summer, when the All Stars season was in reruns. So as basic as these may sound, just assume that (as far as Survivor goes) I've been living in a cave for the past six years. ;)

1. I heard that Julie from Survivor Vanuatu was dating Jeff Probst. Did this start after the season ended or did she get to be on the show because she was Jeff's girlfriend?

2. How do the compensation prizes work and when did they begin? I saw the best of season one and, at one point, Sue makes a comment to Rich about him making a 900,000 dollar decision. Now, Sue finishes in fourth place and it sounds as though second prizes didn't start for another season. In the All Stars commentary, Amber makes a remark to Rupert that he really did win more money than she did. I'm guessing because he won a few hundred thousand for fourth prize in addition to the one million he was awarded? So basically what I'm asking is when did it start and how did it change? (Does everyone who plays get something now?)

3. What is the overall opinion towards the following people; Jerri, Amber, Rob, Shii Ann, Kathy, Colby, Elisabeth, Scout, Tina, Eliza, and Julie. (feel free to include your own)

4. After the merge, what usually happens to the supplies? Ie, in All Stars it appeared that they had to start over at the former Saboga beach.

5. During some challenges, the reward features letters from home, a video from home, etc. Do these items all get delivered to the Survivors at the end of the filming? (Or when they're voted off?)

6. Has any member from any team been able to start a fire using two sticks, or anything that does not involve matches or flint?

7. During the merge, does the larger team usually pick off the smaller team? (Is the merge ever really a merge?)

8. Who is your all time favorite player? Least favorite?

9. Does anyone here have AIM? I'd love to be able to talk to other Survivor fans.

I know this is a large number of questions but please feel free to answer whichever ones you want...just put the number next to your response so I know what you're talking about. :)
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