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I posted about a week (?) ago asking which Survivor seasons were available on DVD. (Thanks so much for your help to everyone who responded!)

I have some more questions, some factual, some opinion based, that I'd really love to know the answers to.

Please keep in mind that the first time I saw Survivor was this summer, when the All Stars season was in reruns. So as basic as these may sound, just assume that (as far as Survivor goes) I've been living in a cave for the past six years. ;)

1. I heard that Julie from Survivor Vanuatu was dating Jeff Probst. Did this start after the season ended or did she get to be on the show because she was Jeff's girlfriend?

2. How do the compensation prizes work and when did they begin? I saw the best of season one and, at one point, Sue makes a comment to Rich about him making a 900,000 dollar decision. Now, Sue finishes in fourth place and it sounds as though second prizes didn't start for another season. In the All Stars commentary, Amber makes a remark to Rupert that he really did win more money than she did. I'm guessing because he won a few hundred thousand for fourth prize in addition to the one million he was awarded? So basically what I'm asking is when did it start and how did it change? (Does everyone who plays get something now?)

3. What is the overall opinion towards the following people; Jerri, Amber, Rob, Shii Ann, Kathy, Colby, Elisabeth, Scout, Tina, Eliza, and Julie. (feel free to include your own)

4. After the merge, what usually happens to the supplies? Ie, in All Stars it appeared that they had to start over at the former Saboga beach.

5. During some challenges, the reward features letters from home, a video from home, etc. Do these items all get delivered to the Survivors at the end of the filming? (Or when they're voted off?)

6. Has any member from any team been able to start a fire using two sticks, or anything that does not involve matches or flint?

7. During the merge, does the larger team usually pick off the smaller team? (Is the merge ever really a merge?)

8. Who is your all time favorite player? Least favorite?

9. Does anyone here have AIM? I'd love to be able to talk to other Survivor fans.

I know this is a large number of questions but please feel free to answer whichever ones you want...just put the number next to your response so I know what you're talking about. :)
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1. I think you're right about Jeff dating Julie, but I'm not sure about when they started dating. I wanna say that it was after the show ended, but don't quote me on that.

3. I really thought Rob and Amber were adorable.. I bet I'm like the only person who thinks that, LOL, most are annoyed by them. I sometimes wonder how they made it to the final 2 in All Stars, but when you think about it Amber really played the game well. I think she gained alot of votes because she never really pissed anyone off, she didn't have trust issues with anybody.. but I'm really unsure about how Rob got there. LOL, he pissed so many people off..

5. I wonder that too! I would imagine that they'd get them at the end or when they're voted off. Also, I always wonder if when the family members come out there, do they really just leave right away if the player doesn't win the chance to spend time with them? That would really suck to go all the way out there and then just get a hug (or sometimes nothing at all) from the person. :(
Just wanted to say I'm a huge Rob and Amber fan...though I like and respect Amber more than Rob. (however, I haven't seen Rob's season so that could change) I also think they were adorable together and was thrilled when Rob proposed to her. I think Rob got to the final two because everyone figured that they could win against him. And he lied quite a bit. ;)

I love them too. <33333 xDD

They're the reason I watched The Amazing Race 7.
They're the reason I ordered the seventh season of The Amazing Race on dvd. ;)
1. I believe she started dating him after the show. I think that's been said before by Probst, but like the other person, don't qoute me on that.

2. Again, don't qoute me on this.. but I think it's just the two finalists who get money. Possibly the F4, but I don't know.

3. Jerri: People labeled her as the bitch of Survivor, but honestly I think she was portrayed that way by editing. She seem's really nice according to al the other reality show's she has been on.
Amber: Coattail Queen. She, of course deserved it over Rob, but really she just floated on by and didn't really make any move's, which is - excuse my French - fucking boring. If you watch Big Brother: All-Stars the contestant's have been saying "We don't want to have an Amber win our All-Stars." And stuff like that.
Rob: Moronic asshole, but makes for great TV.
Shii Ann: Annoying, full of herself.
Kathy: She's emotional. She peed on a guy's hand in her season before All-Stars. She's pretty nifty but got a raw deal in All-Stars.
Colby: Could have won Season 2, but opted to take Tina instead. He still got a motorcycle out of it all.. is seen as the first hunk of Survivor. He's cool.
Elisabeth: The only one to actually make a name for herself as she's on The View. She was the lovable girl in Season 2, but I think she should have gotten farther.
Scout: Shouldn't have gotten far.
Tina: Good strategizer.
Eliza: THE MOST annoying cast member ever on Survivor.
Julie: Gold digger.

7. During the merge, does the larger team usually pick off the smaller team? (Is the merge ever really a merge?)
That depends solely on the dynamic's. For instance, last season on Exile Island the game was played heavily on tribal line's. Some season's ppl are willing to change the game up and what not. It really just depends.

8. All time favorite? Michael Skupin. Least favorite? Cirie.

9. BG 0389.
1. I think so. Read about them somewhere.

2. I do believe most of them get money. I read on Wiki before that on certain seasons, even the first voted off get money, but I'm not very sure. Varies from season to season, I think.

3. Jerri: Ew. But maybe it is the media. She's okay, I guess.
Amber: I love her.
Rob: I love him because he loves Amber. And you gotta admit, he did outsmart the others in All Stars.
Shii Ann: She makes me embarrased to be Asian.
Kathy: She's alright.
Colby: Cutest. Male. Contestant. Ever.
Elisabeth: I like her. Sweet, perky, funny.
Tina: Er, she's okay, I guess. And she's good to have won Outback.

The rest: Didn't watch their season(s).

4. Varies from season to season. Sometimes they're moved to a new beach, sometimes to one of the original tribe's camps. Sometimes they're allowed to bring their supplies.

7. I suppose it depends. I can't really remember though. Depends on how much the original tribes liked each other internally.

8. Fave: Too many to name. I prefer the female players over the males though. xD If you ask me to name my fave it'll probably be Amber, or Danni (Guatemala).

Least favourite: Also too many to name. But I remember I absolutely hated Shane in Exile Islands.

9. No, crap. You're on my Yahoo Messenger though. xDDDD

AND GUESS WHAT. POOR US IN SINGAPORE AIN'T GETTING COOK ISLANDS. Not until the season's over in the US anyway. Then we may be getting it.
That's right, I am on your yahoo messanger. :) I didn't know you were a Survivor fan, though...yay!

I'm not sure if I have the channel so I relate. I might have to wait until OLN shows it. But how awesome is OLN to have Survivor Wednesdays? That makes my week.